Current Working Group Members are: 

Debra Scott - D.Scott@murraybridge.sa.gov.au 
Kathryn Johnson - kjohnson@pirie.sa.gov.au
Michael Knowles - mknowles@playford.sa.gov.au 
Karishma Reynolds - kreynolds@burnside.sa.gov.au  

Ellen James Jackson - EJames-Jackson@mid-murray.sa.gov.au 

Robyn Cusick - rcusick@wtcc.sa.gov.au

Dana Bradshaw - dbradshaw@victor.sa.gov.au

The Network for Procurement Professionals (NPP) is a professional group for South Australian local government procurement. 

The NPP recognizes the increasing significance procurement plays in enhancing the performance of local government, and the importance of having a formal voice through which to promote, support and coordinate procurement strategies and activities across the sector.

The NPP is steered by a Working Group providing input and advice on the training and other support activities to develop the skills and capacity of council procurement staff.